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Peeko was launched to enhance the Bermuda real estate market through meaningful content. By helping to make real estate content more available to property searchers, we help them to explore and take actionable steps towards purchasing. Real estate content is proven to help agents to generate better leads, to save agent’s valuable time and to sell properties faster. These are goals we directly support.


I envisioned this service through my own experience as a property buyer. I strongly wished there were more videos available for properties when I was searching. I found myself always wanting to see more but not necessarily prepared to schedule a tour. Listings with only photos fell short of meeting my desire to explore further. I often wondered if I was missing opportunities due to poor, or more often, non-existent property videos. I conducted market research by speaking with other property searchers who echoed the same experiences. There is a clear desire to see more property video.

While video can never replace the human interaction experienced during an in-person tour with a realtor, property videos help advance searchers towards that step. This is where Peeko comes in.


Seeing the opportunity to apply my 20 year marketing background, I am now helping searchers and realtors to reach their objectives through meaningful content. 

Contact me to find out how we can increase the effectiveness of your listings to help you achieve greater success.

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Shane Mora

Founder, Peeko Media

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